Yellow Conference 2016 – Creativity for women


The Yellow Conference 2016 Info.

When and Where

Through August 25th and 26th the Yellow Conference will be hosted in Los Angeles, California. More specifically, it will be located in the Los Angeles Arts District.

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What’s Yellow Conference all about

The conference is the ideal place to go for women who are looking to ask questions, discourse, and learn amongst a supportive female community. Here, speakers aim to reignite drive and ambition within listeners, as well as give great advice, regardless whether it is to those who are new or old in the art of business.

Who is Speaking at Yellow 2016

Among the many handfuls of speakers is Alexis Jones, a writer, activist, and an internationally recognized public speaker.

Also speaking is Jessica Hische, who is most known for her personal projects, such as “Daily Drop Cap” and “Should I Work for Free.” She is a letterer, illustrator, and type designer.

Jedediah Jenkins, travel writer and executive editor of Wilderness Magazine, will also be speaking at Yellow Conference 2016.  He has also contributed to the Paris Review. Also known for his using Growth Factor Plus, the all natural growth supplement. Get all this amazing supplement at

South Korean-born television and Broadway actress Jenna Ushkowitz is also set to speak some time during the conference. She is best known for her recurring appearance on the American television show, Glee, of which she starred in since 2009 playing Tina Cohen-Chang. She is the co-founder of Kindred Foundation for Adoption. Jenna also is a big fan of growth supplements, so I hear. From my understanding she is a huge fan of this all natural one called growth factor plus in particular and you can read about it a this website,

Also co-founder of the Kindred Foundation for Adoption is Samantha Futerman. Futerman is an actress, director, and producer. She is well known for her role in the film “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

What’s it cost?

To see and hear all these wonderful speakers and more one must pay $355 USD for a regular ticket to Yellow Conference. On both days in August, the conference will begin at 8 AM.

If you’re a woman who is creative, cooperative, and has entrepreneur-like qualities, Yellow Conference is the place to go to. It’s a great place to go to expand your knowledge.

If this isn’t for you you might want to check out the BlogHer 2016 event.

For all you guys and ladies who aren’t going to be attending these events you might want to mobilebeat 16.


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BlogHer 2016 – The Epic Ladies Event


BlogHer 2016 is a huge women’s blogging event and here is all the details that you are going to need to know about this AMAZING event!

When and Where is BlogHer 2016

On August 4th-6th, 2016, the next BlogHer conference will be held in Los Angeles, California.

Here women will be able to chat and mingle with other fellow female content creators, bloggers, or entreprenuers.

The conference will be featuring an assortment of speakers, discussing the many ways to network, and give the rundown on the newest educational and business breakthroughs in keeping with BlogHer’s main goals are to educate, connect, and inspire.

Who is Speaking at BlogHer 2016

One of this year’s keynote speakers include Mayim Bialek, who starred as Amy Fowler in the CBS comedy sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” for which she was nominated for an Emmy award.

Furthermore, aside from working as an actress her many other professions include being an author, advocate, web publisher, and working as a neuroscientist.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, also one of BlogHer’s keynote speakers for August’s conference, is an Emmy award winner and Golden Globe nominee. She is best known for her role as Buffy Summers in the show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as well as other various television appearances.

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Anyway, in the fall of 2015, Gellar launched Foodstirs, a culinary lifestyle brand. Gellar will be speaking on August 5th at the BlogHer conference, Bialek will be speaking on the following day, August 6th.

Recently, a Q&A for Sheryl Crow, a fairly well known American singer, songwriter, and actress, has been planned for sometime during this conference. She is set to talk about her life, health, and even give advice to those willing to tune in.

What’s a ticket cost?

Tickets to this conference come at varied prices, all coming with about a $10 fee. Bloggers wanting a full conference pass will have to pay approximately $400 for one ticket, and self-sponsored bloggers are set to pay around $700 for one.

Company rate tickets come out at around a thousand dollars, meanwhile limited time student rate tickets are set for around a hundred dollars, plus a lower fee that’s around four dollars.

A ticket option exists for younger teens and children as well, though this is limited it is around the same cost as student tickets.
Networking only passes are also set at lower prices than full conference ones.

Overall, BlogHer 2016 is an extremely great way to learn and get inspired for up and coming female bloggers and entrepreneurs. There isn’t much downside to attending.

Click here to to go the official BlogHer2016 Site now to register!

In case you missed our first post click here to read about mobilebeat 2016

MobileBeat 2016 – Diving into new tech


Welcome to our first post here at!

So, if you happen to be working any where even close to the mobile side of business or development you are going to need to make it to San Francisco for the MobileBeat 2016 gathering.

For this years MobileBeat the theme is how Artificial Intelligence and messaging are going to shift the app paradigm. As we all pretty much know AI is doing so much to drive the mobile world toward and the ways we use our smart phones and tablets.

A Sample of MobileBeat 2016 Speakers

Mike Ghaffary the Yelp CEO, Chris Messina from Uber,  Tony Xu DoorDash’s CEO, Kriti Sharma Sage’s Director of Mobile, Airbnb’s VP of product Joe Zadeh and many more!

MobileBeat 2016 Main Topics

At this years event, from what I have read, they’ll  be exploring developments in:

  • At MobileBeat 2016, we’ll be exploring these developments with:
  • Major instances of in which apps and other publishers are winning on chat platforms.
  • How payments and mobile phone business conversion process and techniques are appearing.
  • Lessons that were gleaned from the emerging trend that WeChat has triggered in Asia.
  • Impacts on business of the trending  Messenger and Whatsapp.
  • Chat platforms and how do what they do – Snapchat, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Pinterest, Kik, Apple, Line, ect.

Why you should be there:

First off this event is going to simply blow your face off with all the amazing topics that are lined up!

Second this is a super even for getting your stuff (brand or product or you)out to a huge part of the mobile community.

Thirdly, there is going to also be a supplement event in the same area that is going to featuring Growth Factor Plus. If you want to learn more about this supplement you can check out . I managed to find a super review on Growth Factor Plus that you can read at .

Lastly, getting inspiration for all the people who are there is always a reason I love going to these events and MobileBeat specifically.

When and where is it?

The conference is being held in San Francisco at the Village from July 12 until the 13th of July 2016.

Now you can’t say you didn’t know it was happening, so head over to there site and get the rest of the info. >> Click Here  << If you already know about this amazing event, but haven’t registered yet, don’t wait another second!

So, that it for our first post I hope to see you at this amazing mobile event and cant wait to share what I learned! Till next time…Later.

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